A spill kit is really exactly what it says it is – it’s a kit for dealing with and cleaning up spills or spillage of various kinds. No matter how careful we are in life, there is always going to be spillage of one kind or another and although we can do our best to avoid them, it’s best to be fully prepared when something unfortunate does occur.

There are lots of different kinds of spills than can happen and for that reason there are several different kinds of spill kits. So let’s take a brief look at some of them and find out what they do and what purpose they serve.

Water Spill Kits – Perhaps one of the most versatile kits available, the water spill kit is also fully adept at dealing with both oil and chemical spills. What will you find in one of these kits? The first thing to note is that all the contents of the kit are black to signify that this is indeed a water kit. Specialised spill pads and socks as well as absorbent pillows are the main ingredients of the pack and of course they are available in a whole range of capacity sizes, ranging from 15 litres of water to a massive 900 litres.

Oil Spill Kits – Specifically for oil spills, the products in these kits are white and they are capable of absorbing oil and can even remove oil from water thanks to them being hydrophobic! As with the water kits, they are available in multiple sizes, with many of them compact enough to store on a workbench or in the cab of a van or lorry.

Chemical Kits – A speedy response to a chemical spill can often make the difference between a minor and major incident. Having a chemical spill kit on hand can certainly help to make that difference. The products in these kits are yellow, so you certainly won’t be able to miss them and they perform a very important job. The material of these items are specifically designed to absorb chemicals, so if you work in an environment that deals with chemicals of any kind, then be sure to have one of these kits easily accessible.

These are just a few of the various spill kits that are available. Each one performs an important function in its area of expertise and clear instructions are provided with each pack.

Source by Jules Price

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