//Watershed in spirits from Chigurupati Technologies

Watershed in spirits from Chigurupati Technologies

Harsha Chigurupati, founder, Chigurupati Technologies (Image courtesy: Chigurupati Technologies)

Harsha Chigurupati, founder, Chigurupati Technologies (Image courtesy: Chigurupati Technologies)

After what took over 10 years of research, development and clinical trials, Harsha Chigurupati, the founder of Chigurupati Technologies, has invented India’s first globally disruptive technology, NTX Technology. This technology is a patented compound of FDA-approved ingredients that when infused into alcohol, protect the consumer’s liver and DNA, without affecting the experience of drinking alcohol.

Harsha Chigurupati began working on NTX Technology in 2006, with initial steps of proof of concept based upon research papers, thorough molecular research and proven in vitro and in vivo trials. The research performed by his team of PhD scientists focused only on metabolic pathways that did not impact the state of being intoxicated, and at the same time did not affect the way a person would enjoy drinking.

Understanding the potential complications of creating a safer way for consumers to enjoy spirits, the team sought to develop a technology that was stable in alcohol, adding minimal taste, and yet would be easily approved by any regulatory organisations. The scientists followed the ‘GRAS’ or ‘generally recognised as safe’ ingredient list approved by Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and TTB as a starting place; then began molecular screening through trial and error to find compounds that would be stable in alcohol. Once the dosage of each element and the synergistic combination was optimised, the results were proven through human clinical trials.

The result, the creation of NTX Technology, a proprietary, patented blend of glycyrrhizin (licorice root extract), manna sugar (low calorie sugar crystals found in fruits and plants) and potassium sorbate (white salt).

Multiple human clinical trials, conducted in both India and the United States, found that alcohol infused with NTX technology reduced stress and protected the liver from alcohol-induced stress by up to 93%. More astounding was the discovery that alcohol begins to cause damage to human DNA within a mere 15 minutes after consuming alcohol, and that NTX Technology also provides protection to the DNA. The damaged DNA can then mutate into diseased cells, changing the epigenetic expression of the genes, as well as increasing the probability of other possible complications such as allergies or even cancer.

Chigurupati Technologies has entered a partnership with Bellion Spirits, a US-based spirits manufacturer, to introduce a full line of alcoholic beverages infused with NTX Technology, pioneering a new alcohol industry category of Functional Spirits, which are safer on the body than traditional spirits. Alcohol created with NTX Technology is already available in the United States.

“It is an exciting development in technology,” Chigurupati explained. “Over two billion people around the world drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, despite the known detrimental effects it can have on the body. To offer a safer, smarter option to consumers is an industry changing concept, soon to be accepted as the norm. It is similar to when the automobile was introduced to the market, it made horse-drawn carriages obsolete.”

Chigurupati Technologies continues to develop additional technologies designed to improve lives of consumers, reducing the impact of age-accelerating elements and factors in everyday living. By leveraging and integrating these technologies into consumer goods, these advancements are made available and accessible to the mainstream market.

“Evolution is mankind’s ability to overcome natural limitations,” Chigurupati states. “Through our primary focus on research and development, Chigurupati Technologies develops new technologies that allow us to overcome such limitations. Integrating these developments into consumer goods, introducing to market in a fashion that does not change the way people experience, interact and enjoy these products, ensures they will choose these smarter options,” added Chigurupati.

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