Taranaki Elders Fed Up With Oil Rig Invasion


Taranaki elders are strongly against the oil drilling machinery that has been erected in their region.

They’re also against Anadarko’s wishes to commence oil fracking in their region.

They also hope that the company will properly dispose of any contaminated water in the machines when they are done.

Here’s Roihana Nuri with this report.

It’s a lonely stand for these elders of Taranaki, who are among a few that remember a time when there were no oil rigs on their horizon in their sea.

It’s such a beautiful sea as it is and if the foreign interests get their way, things will go wrong with the oil which would ruin our sea.

This has been home to Te Hanataua Tito’s family for generations.

A family with enormous affinity to the sea and the river.

He has this message for oil companies.

Don’t you people come here and think you can pollute our region and get away with leaving us with dead fish, dead eels, and dead white bait.

All our food will die, including our mussels and sea urchins.

The reality is that permission for exploration permits solely rests with Energy Minister Simon Bridges.

Do you want to seemore oil rigs out there? No! – Why not? It’s soul destroying to seethe total disregard for our sea! To add to their concerns of pollution risks from oil companies is a major pollution problem from the dairy sector.

That is why we will protest and speak out again and again because what happens when the sea birds die, what plans are in place for us, the locals, the guardians of this area, when it’s too late? For now, they will continue to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors, with the hope of ensuring a pollution free future.

Roihana Nuri, Te Karere.

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