//Shell Exploration – Meet Shell’s Young Explorers

Shell Exploration – Meet Shell’s Young Explorers

This is the Young Professional Explorers Day.

We’ve run this for multiple years now, both internationally and in Houston in the Americas.

Today is actually an event for all Explorers within Shell to connect and to share what every body is working on.

Most people here are between one and five years in the company and it’s just helping us see what’s happening generally.

Most people here are from all the corners of the world, working in the various offices for Shell, so I can see in one day what’s going on on a worldwide scale.

Through these presentations, it’s an opportunity to share in a very brief period of time what it is you’re working on and how you fit into the bigger picture in Exploration.

Hello and I’d really like to welcome you all to this annual event.

We have people who are working on geology, on geophysics, on non-technical risk, on finance, on production seismology.

I’m very excited about the non-technical aspects that are coming in, like the finance, the economics.

It allows the young Explorers to see just different things away from their day job, whether they’re in Operations, whether they’re in Studies, they get a different perspective and a different lens to look at the business through.

It’s a very diverse range of people.

We’ve even had an economist today tell us about whether or not an economist is an Explorer.

If you think an economist is an Explorer, perhaps raise your hand.

I’m from Brunei and it’s just every day you learn something new and I’m a curious person so any new techniques, any new findings, that excites me.

The main thing that’s become apparent to me today is the capacity for my own development because there are some people who have been here probably less than a year so I can aspire to sort of reach that level in that year.

The things I found really useful about today’s event, two-fold.

One, meeting lots of different people from different areas.

Secondly, hearing about the projects they’re doing.

One quote which I learnt from this morning was, “We’re responsible for your work”.

And that I found really helpful.

I think the main thing I’m going to take away from today is that they’re starting out their new careers in a company that offers lots of opportunities.

who join a big company are able to catch up quickly Shell focuses on training andmakes sure that young people and to learn quickly.

The graduate scheme in Shellis the most flexible I’ve ever come across.

I mean it’s tailored to yourexact needs.

Nobody is standardizedin Shell.

It’s quite an exciting time to beworking for Shell.

Particularly as an Explorer.

You can actually movefrom your team and explore a different country, a different setting, a different geological setting.

A great, friendly, safework environment.

A place where you’re gonna be respected and your ideas and creativity, you’re gonna be rewarded and encouraged.

It’s investing greatly in developing future leaders.

Mapped a basic career plan in my mind already and I’ve only been here for three weeks.

It is just so opportunity rich, we just need the people to come in and prosecute this.

Pretty exciting.┬áThere’s huge amounts of places to go and work.

Different projects to be involved in. It’s good.

I’m very positive for the future.