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This paper was written by Abarkina, D. & Bartelet, H. of DynaMundo.
The development of the Russian domestic gas market: historical perspective, current developments and strategy for the future 
The European gas market has been in a process of liberalization for the last decade. To European policy makers, Russia is mostly viewed as an exporter of natural gas. However, the Russian domestic gas market has also seen several developments in recent years. This paper will provide an overview of the most important developments and regulatory changes on the domestic Russian gas market. The overview reveals the development of the market starting from the 1900s but with a particular emphasis on the period 2000-2017. The paper concludes with a section about the expected future developments on the domestic gas market in Russia. 
The Russian gas market before 2000 
The gas industry of Russia has existed for over 100 years. The Soviet Union had started searching for deposits of natural gas in 1920s in southern regions which eventually led to the discovery of the first large gas deposit in Kyrdymo-Elshan (Abyishev et al. 2015, p.359). In 1933 the first state-owned entity – Glavgas – emerged in order to manage the entire gas industry, separately from the oil industry. Glavgas, and Russia’s newly emerging gas industry slowly increased in importance within the Russian energy industry with total production increasing to 2.3 billion m3 by 1939 (Abuishev et al., p.357). 90% of the total production of natural gas was produced in Russia’s territory in the Caucasus…

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