HE Dr. Sentyurin visits Canadian Embassy


GECF Secretary General Dr. Sentyurin was received by Her Excellency Ms. Stefanie McCollum, Ambassador of Canada to the State of Qatar at the Canadian Embassy in Doha.With The Gas Exporting Countries Forum representing 70% of the world’s proven gas reserves and Canada being the 5th largest producer of natural gas, it is clear where the areas of common interest lie. Keeping a close relationship between producers has always been of paramount importance to the GECF Secretariat.Natural gas resources are found across most of Canada, with the bulk of production coming from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). Offshore production is concentrated in Atlantic Canada in areas off the coast of Nova Scotia. The resource is extracted through a variety of methods ranging from vertical drilling to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.During the meeting, topics of mutual importance related to natural gas and Canada’s recent investments in its gas exploration capacity were discussed. HE Secretary General also invited Canadian representatives to attend and actively participate in the GECF’s regular events such as monthly gas lectures and round table discussions. They further reflected on past dialogue between the Forum and the Canadian Embassy, which has been ongoing for several years, and contemplated how this relationship can be enhanced going forward; resulting in a mutual agreement to maintain close communications with the Canadian government on relevant events taking place in Canada as well as receiving regular updates on energy issues from Canadian side as part of a broader dialogue.

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