GECF Secretariat Receives Italian Ambassador to Qatar


The GECF Secretariat received a visit from an Italian delegation represented by Mr. Claudio D’Amico, Senior Advisor on International Strategic Affairs of Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and HE Mr. Pasquale Salzano, the Ambassador of Italy to the State of Qatar.Mr. Dmitry Sokolov, Energy Economics and Forecasting Department (EEFD) Head at the GECF, congratulated the guests on the Italian National Day and Republic Day, celebrated on June 2nd every year. The parties discussed the Forum’s latest initiatives and plans, such as the GECF Climate Initiative, the opening the Gas Research Institute and the expansion of the organization. Mr. Sokolov also mentioned the upcoming 5th GECF Gas Summit in Equatorial Guinea (November) and the G20 Ministerial Meeting in Japan (June).Currently, the EEFD team is working on a new chapter for the Global Gas Outlook 2019, dedicated to gas in transport. In this regard, Italy has valuable experience, since currently, Italy has the largest CNG car fleet in Europe, with more than 1 million vehicles. Gas demand in the transport sector is expected to grow by 5.5% annually, reaching 6 bcm in 2040 – according to the GECF Global Gas Outlook 2018.Italy is the fourth-largest energy consumer in Europe. Gas currently accounts for 36% of the country’s total energy consumption.

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