//French LFDE Finds 2nd CBM Seam

French LFDE Finds 2nd CBM Seam

French coalbed methane (CBM) producer, La Française de l’Energie (LFDE), said February 10 it reached the second target of its CBR-1 exploration well being drilled at Lachambre on the ‘Bleue Lorraine’ permit in the Moselle district of eastern France.

Its second target, 1178 metres deep, found a coal seam stack of 7 metres vertical depth. Core analysis demonstrated “an excellent gas content, with more than 10 m³ of gas (95% methane) per ton of coal,” it said. Four days earlier the firm said it reached its first target with CBR-1 at 1080 metres, finding an 11-metre seam with the same gas content.

LFDE said that, as the objectives of its vertical well are now fulfilled, it has started the deviated part of the well, in order to test the potential of coal seam with multilateral drilling. Forbach-based LFDE is operator and sole holder of the Bleue Lorraine permit. It began drilling CBR-1 in December.

In mid-2016 LFDE acquired Gazonor and thus become the largest gas producer in France. The country however imports well over 99% of its gas needs, and for the present it has no plans to develop its extensive shale gas resources.


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