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One of the new features introduced in ArcGIS Pro 2.3 is the ability to have more than one Definition Query saved for an individual layer. This examples uses well data from OGA. Load the layer into ArcGIS Pro, and open the Layer Properties. Click on Definition Query. The new dialog has a drop-down menu which allows you to either create a new query or load an existing one from a file.
By clicking Create a new query, the dialog gives you the tools to create your Definition Query. This should look familiar to anyone who has worked with Definition Queries in ArcGIS previously. By default, the first query created is called Definition Query 1. This can be renamed by clicking on the text on the top of the query window.


Once you have completed the query, click Apply to set it to the layer. At this point you can add more queries by clicking the New definition query drop-down below the queries on the left. The image below shows queries created to filter wells by Appraisal, Exploration and Development status. If you look closely, you can see the green ticks next to Appraisal and Exploration are faded: this means they are inactive. The Development query is currently the active query on this layer.

A key benefit of this is the ability to quickly toggle between queries. Rather than having to open the Layer Properties each time you want to switch between Definition Queries, you can use the ribbon menu. When the layer you are working on is highlighted in the Contents pane, click on the Data tab in the Feature Layer section of the ribbon. Then you can use the drop-down on the left-hand side to switch between your Definition Queries for that layer. This lets you quickly explore the data without creating multiple layers with different queries on.

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Posted by Ben Holmes, GIS Consultant, Exprodat

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