Country Focus: Argentina – Hanging in the balance [LNG Condensed]


Country Focus: Argentina – Hanging in the balance [LNG Condensed]
There is no question that Argentina reached a milestone in June as Exmar’s Tango LNG came into operation for state oil and gas company YPF. Operating in the deep water port of Bahia Blanca, it is the first floating LNG plant in the Americas and still one of only a handful around the world. It marks Argentina’s transition from LNG importer to LNG exporter. However, in practice, Argentina will, for the moment, be both LNG importer and exporter.
Tango LNG’s capacity is small at 0.5mn mt/yr and Argentina’s gas demand spikes during the southern hemisphere winter, when, despite rising domestic gas production, it will still look for LNG imports. Nonetheless, the downward trend in the country’s LNG requirements is clear. As its domestic gas balance has improved, Argentina’s LNG imports have fallen, reaching a peak at 4.6mn tons in 2013, but declining steadily each year since, reaching just 2.7mn mt in 2018.
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