Cheap Skimboards Vs Expensive Skimboards

This is a huge debate and leads to many arguments among skimboarders. Serious skimboarders view cheaper skimboards as a hindrance to the sport and will openly speak about buying cheap skimboards vs expensive ones. While obviously there is some truth that the more expensive ones of course out perform better than the cheap ones, that’s not to say that everyone should run out and buy an expensive board. Especially if you’re just a beginner.

I recommend anyone that is a beginner should always start with a cheaper board rather than an expensive board. When you first start out skimboarding you’re going to crash and burn more times than not and you’re board is going to suffer in the process. Experienced skimboarders have a 6th sense about them that helps them watch out for rocks and other obstacles that may do damage to you or your board.

This sport is definitely learned through trial and error.

After you’ve somewhat mastered riding a cheap board than I would recommend moving up to an expensive board and then a again it all depends on how serious of a skimboarder you are. If it’s something that you’d like to do once or twice a year just when you go on vacation than I would always stick with a cheaper board. However if you’ve come to love the sport and it becomes addicting than I highly recommend buying a more expensive board.

Whatever type of skimboarder you are just grab a skimboard go out and have fun. It’s an addicting sport that will stick with you forever.

Source by Jason B Fackrell


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