Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Qatar visits GECF


The Secretary General HE Dr. Yury Sentyurin welcomed HE Mr. Askar Shokybayev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the State of Qatar to the GECF Secretariat.The Ambassador who was on a courtesy visit to the Secretary General used the occasion to discuss issues that are of mutual importance to his country and the GECF.BackgroundKazakhstan is the Observer Member of Gas Exporting Countries Forum and has vast reserves of natural resources and fossil fuels, many of which are untapped. Globally, Kazakhstan ranks in the top ten countries for coal, oil and gas, chrome, zinc and bauxite reserves. Kazakhstan possesses 15 per cent of world uranium reserves, 8 per cent of zinc, 7 per cent of manganese and 4 per cent of iron ore. In production terms, however, the Kazakhstan mining industry is far from realizing its full potential.Perhaps most significant for economic development, Kazakhstan has the 11th largest proven reserves of both oil and natural gas. Most of Kazakhstan natural gas reserves are located in the west of Kazakhstan, with roughly 25 percent of proven reserves situated in Karachaganak field.Kazakhstan natural gas is almost entirely “associated” gas, meaning it is produced with oil. For this reason, several Kazakhstan oil and gas fields including Karachaganak reinject significant quantities of gas into the ground to maintain crude wellhead pressure for liquids extraction. In the long term, when the liquids are exhausted, the gas can be recovered.

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