//Add Energy, Trendsetter Engineering unveil RWIS Lite

Add Energy, Trendsetter Engineering unveil RWIS Lite

RWIS Lite will be increasingly useful for relief well operations as it makes field installations a standard subsea procedure.

Add Energy and Trendsetter Engineering have teamed up to develop Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS) Lite, designed to reduce the complexity of relief well operations on a global scale, when coupled with the original RWIS product.RWIS Lite is an exact structural replica of the original RWIS, which allows for duplicity in shared components. The original RWIS increases the flow capacity of a single relief well, which is a safer and less challenging option to drilling multiple relief wells during a subsea well blowout.RWIS is placed between the relief wellhead and the BOP to allow multiple pumping vessels to inject the kill fluid into the relief well in a more cost and time efficient manner. RWIS Lite augments this by simplifying subsea installation and operation of the relief well system.Highly simplified RWIS Lite is a flow spool without controls, allowing operators to install BOP’s above the spool, greatly reducing the complexity of hooking up kill vessels to the system. This enhancement excludes gate valves, accumulators, ROV panels and a BOP, reducing the complexity of the subsea hardware configuration.In addition, the deployment method is a duplicate of the original set up of RWIS, so it can be run off a vessel of opportunity or a mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) using either a drill pipe or a wire line.“When RWIS Lite is used alongside an RWIS, it requires one less drill ship and utilises the existing BOP emergency disconnect system for maximum efficiency,” said Morten Haug Emilsen, managing director, Add Energy. “The RWIS was a first for the industry and now RWIS Lite represents an evolution of the technology,” added Emilsen.RWIS Lite will be…

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